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You have already registered and paid for hosting with another company, and you want to move to us before it expires? You can receive from us up to 3 months of service validity free of charge to compensate for the period that remained with the previous provider. Please contact us for detailed information.

We will transfer your website to us free of charge.

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The Migrations & Maintenance service helps you control costs, increase software performance and reduce the risk of unavailability when updating software, systems or IT infrastructure.

The Migrations & Maintenance service is also available:

  • audit of the software necessary for the update
  • analysis of IT infrastructure
  • monitoring of network and server resources
  • preparation of a migration plan
  • maintenance of the systems after completion of the operation

Understanding your business is most important to us. Time and effort spent on IT infrastructure analysis will result in faster and trouble-free migration.

The Camels offers a central point of contact for all maintenance and support issues, regardless of vendor or service provider. When taking care of and managing IT services on your behalf, we always ensure that you receive a consistent and reliable service.

After sending the form our employees will contact you in order to prepare an offer and service migration. We will determine all the details and plan the migration plan and we will help in case of technical problems.

Improve your IT system

Expert services are scarce and usually quite expensive. But you have a complex, powerful infrastructure that relies on multiple vendors, technologies, devices, and even locations. So you need proactive IT support to ensure uninterrupted availability and reliability.

Do you have an appropriate agreement with your customer to provide support in case your systems fail? Does this support allow you to solve problems quickly and efficiently, while meeting the guaranteed level of service provision (SLA)?

Migrations & Maintenance allows you to control costs, increase operational excellence and minimize risk when working on devices, networks or software. Based on trusted professionals who can manage migrations with ease and speed will bring you many benefits.