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What is high availability of server or website?

Everyone who runs an online business should be familiar with this subject. And certainly he remembers it at the moment when his website or shop just doesn’t work. Then the business, colloquially speaking, lies and does not earn money. And yet breakdowns happen. Is it possible to avoid it somehow and how much can it…

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Migracja strony

How long does it take and how does the website migrate?

We offer free migration to our hosting service from time immemorial. On this occasion, the same questions are asked: how long will it take and how does the process look like? Although it is often quite a complicated process, I will try to explain it in a simple way.

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DNS propagation – what is it and how long does it take?

An indispensable element of the Internet is the DNS system. Most often we recall it when it does not work or gives us strange answers. One of such situations may be DNS Propagation. What is it and does it actually last 30 hours or maybe 24 hours? Or maybe longer?!

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Jak dochodzi do włamania na WordPressa?

How do you hack into WordPress?

When creating the WordPress security compendium, we checked thousands of accounts to find out how often a break-in occurs. Is this due to weak passwords? Or maybe poorly configured servers in a hosting company? Let’s find out!

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Jak zadawać pytania by uzyskać pomoc?

How to ask questions to get help?

Imagine a hypothetical situation. You are alone at home, you write an entry on your blog after a whole day of collecting materials. It seems to be nice and relaxing. Meanwhile, however, your website is falling!

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Sources of free photos and videos on your blog

Surprisingly many people still believe that you can enter the search engine, type in the right phrase, find a picture and simply copy it to your website. Unfortunately, more and more often this means copyright problems. Fortunately, we also have more and more websites with free pictures and videos.

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Prohibited and forbidden plugins for WordPress

If you already know how to choose a WordPress plug-in and what plugins to install, it’s time to get to know the banned and not recommended to install. Many of them may spoil your website, slow it down or are completely unnecessary.

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Useful plugins for WordPress

Since we already know how to choose a plugin, maybe it is worth considering what are the recommended WordPress plug-ins? I’ll describe some of them, which I often meet in different projects. Remember that you should use the plugins with caution and not install them if they are unnecessary.

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