Compendium: how to secure your WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs in the world. Depending on the statistics, it runs from several to even dozens millions of websites. The increasing popularity of WordPress in Poland translates into the growth of number of the associated attacks. Many of them can be prevented by securing the given website with simple steps.…

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What is HTTP/2 and is it good to implement it?

The development of Internet access is very fast and an increasing number of users visit websites using mobile devices. New technologies appearing from day to day still work on the basis of very old solutions. One of them is HTTP protocol, which was invented over 20 years ago. And yet it is one of the…

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What is not DevOps?

For those who have been working with DevOps for years and are heavily involved in this methodology, its growing popularity is as exciting as it will get its first job right after graduation! Well, maybe not as exciting, but still really great. More and more companies of all sizes are opting for DevOps, implementing methodological…

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How to measure Devops work?

Your company now uses the DevOps methodology. You have already integrated development, operation and quality assurance, and have drastically moved away from rapid action and have moved closer to sustainable application development. How do you know how well such a solution works? How do you know if it works at all?

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Modern administration, i.e. Infrastructure as a code

We won’t discover America if we say that the larger the IT infrastructure, the greater the challenges in managing it. However, there are ways to simplify work worth exploring. If you have already had to deal with large infrastructures, you may have heard of the concept of DevOps, of which the concept of infrastructure-as-code is…

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DevOps or SysOps. What to choose?

DevOps and SysOps – you’ve already met with these concepts. If you have a company, it is unlikely that you run it completely without computers, databases, operating systems and servers. Perhaps you don’t even realize how widely technology has crept into your business. Of course, all systems must work together and work 24x7x365, which requires…

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