Server administration

Our administrators work in the background, constantly monitoring all systems, carrying out maintenance and expansion, anticipating and removing possible outbreaks of failure. Server care is the ideal solution to make you feel safe. As part of IT outsourcing, we take care of your IT infrastructure.

Our experienced team will take care of your servers, infrastructure and applications 24/7. We optimize your current infrastructure or propose new solutions so as to increase server efficiency, speed up the operation of the entire application and increase ROI. Our administrators will prepare a dedicated infrastructure for your project, take care of backups of the emerging project and prepare servers for increased traffic when you start your project. Translated with

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On Demand

Perfect for emergency assistance and one-time consultation 22.58monthly (excl. VAT)
  • 1 hour monthly
  • Support 08:00 - 16:00
  • Response time up to 24h
  • Installation and configuration of services
  • Monitoring server, services and www
  • Daily backups

IT Growth

Ideal solutions for companies with growing IT needs, where scalability counts Active measures to prevent potential breakdowns202.99monthly (excl. VAT)
  • 10 hours monthly
  • Support 24/7
  • Response time up to 2h
  • Installation and configuration of services
  • Monitoring server, services and www
  • Daily backups
  • Cyclical reviews of the server and its configuration
  • Active measures to prevent potential breakdowns


Ideal solutions for companies with growing IT needs, where scalability counts Consultation, consulting, infrastructure planning383.62monthly (excl. VAT)
  • 20 hours monthly
  • Support 24/7
  • Response time up to 1h
  • Installation and configuration of services
  • Monitoring server, services and www
  • Daily backups
  • Cyclical reviews of the server and its configuration
  • Active measures to prevent potential breakdowns
  • Consultation, consulting, infrastructure planning

What makes us different?

24 hours a day

Our team of administrators is available 24/7 so that it always responds quickly to production problems or requests that we receive. Specialists supported by monitoring maintain a large number of servers with a very high SLA.


Better control your operating costs by automating routine down-to-earth IT tasks so your experts can focus on your product innovation.


Servers prepared by us have default configured monitoring, backups and appropriate security. We stick to and force standardization on operating systems, thanks to which applications that run on them meet the high SLA.


We offer efficient, secure and scalable cloud solutions based on the solutions of the largest companies.

Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform

Why choose our administrators?

Rent our DevOps

If you need emergency help, you want to check our capabilities or you need a one-time system or service configuration - use the On Demand administration. The cost of one hour of administrator's work starts from as little as 100 PLN net.

Our administrators will log on to your servers, check what is the cause of the problem and implement a solution. We will also suggest changes to the architecture, which will help to avoid similar problems.

Full Time packages are ideal for larger applications or online stores. We then act proactively and prepare your infrastructure for greater traffic, increased sales or advertising campaigns. Thanks to this, your systems will always be available and you will not lose customers. We offer various solutions adequate to the budget and demand.

We'll build high availability clusters for you and help you scale applications vertically and horizontally, minimizing system unavailability.

Standardisation of infrastructure

When manual, monotonous and repetitive tasks are automated, the risk of human error drops to zero. Automation introduces standardisation throughout the architecture.

Enforcement of continuous compliance with the highest quality and safety standards, and the maintenance of a complete history of change, is rooted at the heart of automated processes. Monitoring software allows companies to identify and resolve infrastructure and system issues before they can impact critical business processes.

Wherever possible, the burden on workers caused by the introduction of standards or their change should be minimised. To achieve this, your standards implementation programme must be managed in a conscious and goal-oriented manner, while not reducing the efficiency associated with the introduced compliance monitoring through as much automation as possible.

IT standards systems are constantly changing, so being up to date with them can be a challenge. The teams responsible for maintaining the standards must regularly monitor legal changes and check what they mean for the company. Once you are familiar with the changes, you need to update your company's standards as transparently as possible.

Monitor your infrastructure and business

The right monitoring tools can reduce costs, reduce risk and support optimal business performance. Monitoring allows you to aggregate data from a wide range of devices and applications to ensure you are fully aware of the status of your physical and virtual resources, but also those in the cloud.

It doesn't matter if you need monitoring for 5 or 20000 devices. Proper monitoring gives you a deep insight into the data you need to monitor infrastructure performance and make informed decisions to avoid costly downtime.

Automatically deploy and configure your infrastructure to get your innovations up and running faster, get early in the service market, improved development, better performance and more time to focus on your core business goals. Monitoring of services will allow you to react quickly to any failure and prevent it.

Our administrators will take care of your servers comprehensively. We offer the configuration of the operating system, full monitoring of services running on the machine and software updates. In our work we use such technologies as: Puppet, Ansible, Salt Stack, Zabbix, Elasticsearch, Docker, Vagrant, and many others.

Automate your servers

Automation - when it works, it is not very visible; when it fails, a catastrophe occurs. However, underestimating the benefits that automation can bring to your business, mainly by reducing operating costs, and continuing to use dedicated solutions for each operation, results in a significant reduction in the competitiveness of your business in the digital age.

Well done and well thought-out automation will provide much greater business value by radically improving service quality, increasing responsiveness to changing business requirements, radically reducing security risks and regulatory non-compliance.

Automation plays a key role in the management of infrastructures (computing power, network, storage space), which are adapted to the dynamic life cycle of the applications maintained on them. It plays a key role by controlling the speed and availability of provided services.

Together we can protect what counts

IT security can be reduced to 3 basic problems: complicated attack vectors, difficult legal regulations, and with the development of the growing demand for IT services. Information held by the organization has its real value and may be vulnerable to various types of threats, including computer viruses, intrusions and others.

More and more often we can hear about information security incidents. In many institutions, there are many incidents which, as a result of lack of employees' awareness, may lead to misrepresentation, disclosure or loss of important information.

Information is data processed in such a way that conclusions can be drawn from it and business decisions can be made. Information is an asset which, like other important business assets, is essential for companies and must therefore be adequately secured.

More information = more risk

Information security is the protection of information against a wide range of threats in order to ensure business continuity, minimize business risk and maximize return on investment, and business opportunities. Information security is achieved through the implementation of an appropriate security system, which must be monitored and improved in order to ensure and meet business security and its objectives.

The risk of losing information increases with the increase in the amount of information processed and the use of complex technologies. When designing IT systems, security requirements are often not taken into account, or they are treated in a very general way. In this way, the created software is usually not sufficiently checked during tests, which may cause it to be susceptible to various types of threats, such as disclosure of processed information or the possibility of impersonating another user.

An organisation that wants to secure its information properly should follow a system approach that will manage its comprehensive information assets, the infrastructure dedicated to processing them and the risks related to information security.

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Karolina Stawiszyńska, Owner of ELLIPSIS AGENCY

At the highest level! The migration took place so quickly that we did not see any downtime in the operation of the website! Mega!

Karolina Stawiszyńska, Owner of ELLIPSIS AGENCY
Joanna Jaskółka, Matka jest tylko jedna

Excellent! Migration turned out to be so smooth and fast that I didn’t even manage to pay! My blog works much faster and better in The Camels than in the previous hosting. The guys are giving away!

Joanna Jaskółka, Matka jest tylko jedna