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What is data entrustment?

Entrusting data is a situation in which you transfer personal data to another company so that it can provide services related to this data on your behalf. According to the law, a hosting service provider, dedicated server or virtual server is a processor of personal data.

An agreement entrusting the processing of personal data should be concluded by almost every entrepreneur. Practically in every company personal data is entrusted. The recipient is still the administrator of personal data and is responsible for creating a security policy.

Art. 28. Where processing is to be carried out on behalf of a controller, the controller shall use only processors providing sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures in such a manner that processing will meet the requirements of this Regulation and ensure the protection of the rights of the data subject.

Article 28 EU GDPR “Processor”

The agreement of entrusting personal data should be printed in two copies, signed (parcel on each page) and sent to our mailing address available on the contact page. After receiving the letter, we return one copy to you signed by us.

How do I get the Authinfo code?

To transfer a domain to Thecamels, it is required to have an AuthInfo code for the domain. You can get it from your current registrar.

If you want to obtain an AuthInfo code for a domain purchased from us, please contact us via the Customer Panel. After filling in the code application, send us a scan of the code. On one application, you can enter several domains.

In case of doubt during the analysis of the application, you may be asked to provide a photocopy or electronic version of the registration document (depending on the type of business, e.g. KRS, EDG, company status) or other documents proving your identity.

Regulations of Internet domain registrars

Rules of Procedure and applications

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