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One team from many tasks

As Camels we run numerous projects, brands and online services, connected by leaders and constant attention to every detail. We have broad competences, many passions, and all of them are treated with the same seriousness.

We dealt with IT systems long before setting up a company; we also find time to share knowledge and achievements in our business activities. True value is created where people openly work together to improve new solutions; such a philosophy stands behind free software, which is one of our passions, among other things.

Interactive agencies

We are your support on the Internet, which is no longer an addition to the “real” world. We provide technological support for interactive agencies and freelancers.

  • 3ventures
  • Coolart Production
  • ellipsis agency
  • goodkloo
  • KodoGrafia
  • PPStudio
  • SafiStudio
  • The New Look
  • JomSocial
  • Pixel On Fire
  • czarnykod
  • owocni


Our services work in the background of your virtual ventures, which can quickly become such an unnoticeable but helpful foundation for your business. Our customers can forget about all the issues related to the operation of the system.

  • APS
  • Clean and Eco
  • Innomi
  • IPA Katowice
  • Mfind.pl
  • PharmaPartner
  • Prestige
  • SIRC
  • VACU Logistic
  • WorkFront
  • RWSL
  • LSI Software

Online shopping

We work in the background, constantly monitoring all systems, performing maintenance and upgrades, anticipating and fixing possible outbreaks. Everything should take place without the client’s knowledge. Simply, “the website works”. – One month, one year, then the next.

  • Bushman's
  • GavickPRO
  • ROYK
  • SPN Nails
  • Farby specjalistyczne
  • Fajnekoszule
  • SensBit
  • MydłoStacja

Social media / Blogosphere / Culture

We run numerous projects, brands, and web services, united by leadership personalities and a consistent attention to detail. We have broad expertise, many passions, and we treat them all with the same seriousness.

  • Jakub Cyran
  • Magdalena Sobkowiak
  • medme.pl
  • PLN Design Group
  • PRA Kreacja.pl
  • RAK.
  • Artur Jabłoński
  • Robert Marczak
  • Filharmonia Łódzka im. Artura Rubinsteina
  • Wobuzzeria
  • Mała Wielka Firma
  • Paweł Tkaczyk

Healthcare / Health / Culinary

Today, we are entrusted by owners of family websites as well as big businesses with their websites and web ventures. The quality of our services allows us to provide comfort and possibility of development in any situation.

  • Cytrusek
  • Diet4U
  • dimedic
  • HammerMed
  • NeoDent
  • Stowarzyszenie Zdrowa Praca
  • Symetria
  • Uzuri Face & Body
  • Wieczniemłoda
  • IR pharma
  • BMed: Dystrybutor urządzeń medycznych
  • Biameditek

Public Institutions

We provide technological support for public institutions such as city halls, schools, libraries. Bureaucracy is not afraid of us.

  • Gmina Czarnocin
  • Gmina Zgierz
  • Jastrzębie Zdrój
  • MDK Ostrów Mazowiecki

Sports & Recreation

We also support websites dedicated to various sports disciplines. We help in creating video broadcasts of matches and ticket booking systems.

  • alenergy
  • ŁKS Łódź
  • Morze Domków
  • Paintball Arena
  • Swim More
  • Tkalnia Zagadek
  • Sportowe Głodomory
  • Nurkersi

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