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Hosting and servers

Good service must be started on the most stable and fast server that has up-to-date software and backups.

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A domain is the address of your website and mailboxes. Friendly prices, high quality customer service will help you to appear in the network.

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SSL certificates

SSL certificates provide an encrypted HTTP connection. The data that we send from your web browser to the server of the website are secured with SSL.

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Server administration

We have a head for servers! Our administrators work in the background, constantly monitoring all IT systems.

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It all began with a simple commitment to deliver powerful solutions you can rely on. By designing and maintaining our own servers and software, we deliver the performance, reliability and functionality you need.
Many companies on market offer their hosting. Our company is distinguished by a very individual approach to the customer. It is also worth emphasizing the fact that hosting is not a service for complex services or customers with specific requirements. Ideal for business websites, blogs or small online shops.


Server well fitted to your new business! 13.73annually (excl. VAT)
  • 10 GB of disk space SSD
  • 100 GB monthly transfer
  • 10 databases
  • 10 email accounts
  • 10 domains


Customized for your shop! 60.26annually (excl. VAT)
  • 50 GB of disk space SSD
  • 500 GB monthly transfer
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited domains


Max performance for your portal! 116.10annually (excl. VAT)
  • 100 GB of disk space SSD
  • 1000 GB monthly transfer
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited domains

What makes us different?

Best support in this part of the galaxy

When you start having problems with the website, we will be happy to help you. We try to optimize the website so that you don’t have to buy bigger hosting.

Efficiency to maximum

On our servers, the default version of PHP is 7.1. It is almost 4 times faster than 5.x versions. We always support the latest versions of PHP.


Every day at night we make backups, which are stored for 30 days.

Free SSL certificate Let’s Encrypt

Each hosting account has a free Let’s Encrypt certificate for each domain added to the hosting server

Already have hosting?

You want to move to us before it expires? You can receive from us up to 6 months of service validity gratis.

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Why register a domain with us?

  1. High quality and a guarantee of low price are the best examples.
  2. We will make sure that your Internet domain does not expire.
  3. Professional technical support will solve your problems and advise you in any situation.

SSL certificates

If you run an online shop, a blog with a newsletter or just want to keep your customers safe, you should implement SSL encryption on your website. This will ensure maximum security for the people who visit your website. Encrypted connection will also improve your position in Google search results and increase the prestige of your website.

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11.40annually (excl. VAT)
  • Validation Type On-line
  • Domain Validation
  • Single domain secured
  • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • $10,000 USD warranty
  • Mobile devices compatibility


From our blog you will learn about tricks, ravens and technological novelties from the hosting market and servers. Here you will also find podcasts, videos, and tutorials that will help you understand even the most difficult issues in the world of computer science.

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