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O czym musisz pamiętać tworząc sklep internetowy?
Kamil Porembiński
Kamil Porembiński

Everything you have to keep in mind when creating an online store

Many people who want to start their own online business consider an online store an ideal business model. At first sight, setting up and developing our own online store seems to be an easy and pleasant task. Everything you have to do is to simply watch several tutorials on YouTube, download free software, choose your…

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  1. 5 rzeczy, o których musisz pamiętać, tworząc stronę
    Tomasz Dziuda Tomasz Dziuda 14 May 2018

    Need a website? 5 things to keep in mind

    Creating websites is usually a complex process, which more than placing an order and waiting for a courier, resembles the process of sewing a “tailor-made” product. During project implementation, as well as after implementation, many unexpected costs may occur. I would like to draw your attention to 5 aspects that will help you avoid unnecessary…

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