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Kamil Porembiński
Kamil Porembiński

Sources of free photos and videos on your blog

Surprisingly many people still believe that you can enter the search engine, type in the right phrase, find a picture and simply copy it to your website. Unfortunately, more and more often this means copyright problems. Fortunately, we also have more and more websites with free pictures and videos.

Copying and placing someone else’s photos on your website, even with the signature of the author, very often means copyright infringement. I am not a lawyer, but the subject has been discussed on the Internet many times. If you are interested in exact paragraphs, please refer to the article by Wojciech Wawrzak – a lawyer who specializes in the creative industry.

Okay, but what should be done not to be exposed to legal problems? There are several outputs:

  1. We can prepare photos on our blog ourselves,
  2. We can use online graphic programs such as canva,
  3. And finally, we can benefit from the fact that there are good people in the world who do not want money for their work.

Personally, I prefer the CC0 license in this respect – it is the most liberal and gives the widest possibilities of using the image.

Some types of “CC” (Creative Commons) licenses can be found below in brief and concise descriptions:

  • CC0
  • CC-BY
  • CC-BY-NC
  • CC-BY-SA
  • CC-BY-ND

Depending on the type of license of the image/video, we should always meet all license conditions in order to be able to legally publish the image on our website.

Free photos

Below is a list of services with free photos:

Free movies

There are also more and more free video services – a few examples below:

Useful plugins

Due to the fact that some people really intensively use free images from specific services, dedicated plugins for example have already been created for WordPress: