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Thecamels have already educated several dozen apprentices and interns. With many of them we still work today, others have used their knowledge in related industries or companies. Their later achievements prove that neither we nor they wasted time..

I am glad that I found a company in which work is a pleasure, I was very well received by a group of people. I never thought that you can leave work every day with such a joyful face ;). I recommend to anyone who is interested in the topics of news and interesting facts about information technology, as well as gaining experience in Linux in general.

Michał Gębora

You will be confronted with the challenges faced by new customers, not an Excel file from your supervisor. You can count on a lot of new knowledge, real experience and interesting tasks. We are not looking for apprentices; we can make coffee ourselves ;-).

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Practices without abrasion. Come and meet Linux!

Our company is looking for students for an apprenticeship or internship. We are looking for people for various positions, from an administrator to a programmer or a technical service editor. For the position of an intern we are looking for students of IT and IT-related technical faculties.

I consider the internship to be a very interesting experience, thanks to which I gained useful knowledge and skills. There is a nice atmosphere in the company and an interesting organization of work makes you come to her with a smile. Trainees never stay without help, if something is incomprehensible you can always count on explaining the issue by patient co-workers. Great emphasis is placed on teamwork, so that you can also train interpersonal skills. The internship has fully met my expectations and I can recommend it with a clear conscience.

Anna Fałek

Linux system administrator

During the first two weeks, the trainee shall perform the tasks entrusted to him/her, closely related to the training. For the rest of the time he learns how to respond to the current challenges that each of The Camels team has to perform. At each stage of the work, he or she shares his or her results with the trainee’s supervisor in order to verify any shortcomings.

  1. Administration

    Managing packages, system settings (tuning, security), provisioning and other purely administrative tasks.

  2. Monitoring

    Monitoring of servers and software based on Zabbix opensource solution.

  3. Security

    You will learn how to secure your own servers and design them according to security standards.

  1. Automation

    Configure groups of servers with tools that make work easier. You will learn how to automate your work.

  2. Web servers

    Webservers based on Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP. From default configuration to professional shared server.

  3. Software

    It will have contact with many open source applications that we actively use in our company.

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