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Thecamels creates a network of agreements between creators and recipients of Internet undertakings. The use of leading technologies and a special security policy allows to solve complex communication problems on the network, offering easy and reliable access to sophisticated tools and services.

That way, apart from technical jargon and obvious obligations with every order, our customers get what’s most valuable – the peace of mind that everything will work as it should be.

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Trust that becomes a habit

Owners of micro, small and large businesses entrust us with their websites and network undertakings. The quality of Thecamels services allows us to ensure comfort and possibility of development in every situation, at every stage of the company’s activity.

If your service is growing in popularity – we will keep up with the increased needs by dynamically modifying the configuration and previously adopted arrangements. If your position on the market is stabilized and you expect your business partners to take action to help support this state of affairs – we must take you there! Your company will operate even better and more efficiently!

Whether it’s development or…. Increased development – we always follow the pace and expectations of our customers.



Our team regularly passes various certifications related to servers, systems and project management. We strive to always be up to date with technology to meet the needs of our customers.

We are a certified cPanel partner in Poland! We have passed all exams: CPP, CPSP, CWA, CWSA-1 and CWSA-2. Additionally, we have LiteSpeed, Imunify360 and JetBackup certification.

We also hold certifications related to Google Workspace, Google Cloud, Google Analytics and AWS services.

Kompendium: Co powinieneś wiedzieć o domenie internetowej?

Cooperation and outsourcing of technology

Thecamels cooperates with the best manufacturers of server and network solutions. We use proven Data Center, which is a key element ensuring continuous access to our customers’ services. All these companies have one thing in common – they are leaders in their industry and they are not without reason.

We focus on quality in every detail.

In our daily work we use dozens of advanced tools, often working directly with their manufacturers. They are among the best on the market and we do not want to offer our customers anything else. We are your support on the Internet – the one who has ceased to be an addition to the ‚real’ world, and we do not yet know what will happen next. The boundaries of the tools used by IT specialists and programmers are expanding and occupy their territories. The divisions from a few years ago will soon lose their sense and will only become a technical nuance. The way the phone is built does not change its use by the caller.

Strony bez szyfrowania SSL będą oznaczane jako niezabezpieczone

Forget our name so good are our services

Just as you may not know which side you are pouring fuel on in a fuel-efficient car, so the quality of hosting is judged by how often you have to remember about it. Our customers place an order, and can forget about all the issues and troubles associated with operating the system. Our services work in the background of your virtual ventures, which can quickly become such an unnoticeable but helpful foundation for your business.

This invariability, to which it is easy to get used – and stop noticing – is the result of many years of experience and daily, meticulous work on… Nothing happened. In credible hosting, lack of information is the best confirmation that everything is going according to plan. We work in the background, constantly monitoring all systems, carrying out maintenance and expansion, anticipating and removing possible outbreaks of failure. Everything should be done without the customer’s knowledge. Simply, the „website works”. – a month, a year, then another one. This is how we work, supporting new online businesses since 2004.

Trusted us

Owners of micro, small and large businesses entrust us with their websites and network undertakings. The quality of Thecamels services allows us to ensure comfort and possibility of development in every situation, at every stage of the company’s activity.

  • ŁKS Łódź
  • PRA Kreacja.pl
  • RAK.
  • SPN Nails
  • Mfind.pl
  • WorkFront
  • goodkloo
  • KodoGrafia
  • SafiStudio
  • Geekwork
  • Artur Jabłoński
  • RWSL
  • JomSocial
  • Robert Marczak
  • InspireLabs
  • Wobuzzeria
  • Mała Wielka Firma
  • Paweł Tkaczyk
  • SensBit

And after hours

Our customers’ feedback

  • Grzegorz Miecznikowski
    thecamels.org have super support. I am writing that I need a domain and WordPress. Everything done in literally 11 minutes! I recommend it!
    Grzegorz Miecznikowski Communications Geek. Sales, marketing and PR trainer
  • Joanna Jaskółka
    Excellent! Migration turned out to be so smooth and fast that I didn’t even manage to pay! My blog works much faster and better in The Camels than in the previous hosting. The guys are giving away!
    Joanna Jaskółka Matka jest tylko jedna
  • Karolina Kociołek
    Super fast, nice and professional. Thanks to The Camels, something that seemed quite complicated to me, was done almost immediately. A big advantage is the quick contact and the ability to do many things on… Twitter.
    Karolina Kociołe CSR Ambassador | Editor | PR Executive
  • The Camels are always helpful. Immediately after the migration they helped us to optimize our website and forum. They designed a server architecture for us. Thanks to that everything gained in speed and problems with slow running forums ceased to exist. We are also happy about the speed of response to problems. We can also talk over the phone without any problems.
    kosmetykaaut.pl The biggest Polish forum dedicated to auto detailing
  • The Camels is a team of people always ready to work. You can count on them at any time and be sure that they will not rest until they solve the issue reported to them. Servers work perfectly, offering us the stability that we needed a lot.
    Smoke Story Group Polish fashion brand
  • Tomasz Dziuda
    If I were to put The Camels in two words, it would be: “professionalism” and “peace of mind”. These two aspects distinguish the services they provide from the competition. They also make servers, instead of being a source of stress and nerves, a background for your business.
    Tomasz Dziuda Front-end developer
  • Students who administer the pages of the research club on your server have just made a good deal of money. They accidentally deleted our website…. Whoa! Saturday, evening. 15 minutes after submission and backup restored! I bow down, class!
    Robert Marczak Lead generation, consulting and marketing for startups
  • :) It’s great :) So far without any problems, quick contact. So far I strongly recommend it to all my friends :) I hope that you will not grow too much and all the time you will have the same great “home” atmosphere.
    Michał Barczak Owner in GeekWork
  • Marcin Cichocki
    I am very satisfied with the quality, speed of work and offer of The Camels. They transferred my 3 domains in no time and also over-helped me with some technical issues. Really great customer service. I recommend it to anyone who is fed up with ossified hosting companies going for mass production rather than quality.
    Marcin Cichocki CEO at Kuźnia Treści
  • We use the cloud as a backup and as a file sharing system with our customers. The solution is ideal for managing a large number of files.
    Magda Skibka PLN Design Group

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