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Kamil Porembiński
Kamil Porembiński

Things your hosting won’t do for you

Many clients of hosting companies are mistakenly convinced that a hosting provider will solve their problems and take care of their crucial issues, while maintaining their website hosted on their servers. (Un)fortunately, that doesn’t work that way. What are the things your hosting won’t do for you? It won’t do the dishes, design a website,…

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  1. Co to jest DNS?
    Kamil Porembiński Kamil Porembiński 22 September 2020

    What is DNS?

    Imagine the Internet where instead of entering domain names (e.g. you would have to enter IP addresses (e.g. to visit a website of your favourite hosting company. That doesn’t sound right, does it? Fortunately, we don’t have to do this as this is handled by DNS servers. Take a look at our article…

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  2. Kto jest właścicielem domeny?
    Kamil Porembiński Kamil Porembiński 10 September 2020

    Who owns the domain?

    How can you check who is the owner of the domain and when should you do that? Do you want to set up your own website that will promote your business online? Or do you wish to create another landing page or a back-end site that supports the positioning of your target website? Find out…

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