Migracja strony

How to transfer WordPress to another server?

My mind’s made up. You’ve had enough of the silly hosting or cosmic costs of its maintenance and finally you decide to move the site you’ve placed on WordPress. How to move WordPress to another server? What do you need to remember and how should you prepare for it? Migration of WordPress to another server…

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Jak sprawdzić DNS?

How to check your DNS or DNS of a website?

DNS servers are often the target for cyberattacks, which may include Cache Poisoning phishing consisting in send fake information to a DNS server that directs the user to fake websites. Do you wonder how to check the DNS server of your computer or website? Take a look at our guide.

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Co to jest SMTP?

What is SMTP?

Have you ever wondered what SMTP is? No? Don’t worry. This post will explain to you what SMTP is, how it works and how you can configure it. Are you ready? Off we go.

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What are IMAP and POP3 protocols?

IMAP and POP3 are currently to most popular internet protocols for email. They allow your email client to establish a connection with your email account. In order words, they make it possible to send emails. Have you ever wondered what POP3 and IMAP are? Enjoy your reading!

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Domeny internetowe

What is DNS?

Imagine the Internet where instead of entering domain names (e.g. you would have to enter IP addresses (e.g. to visit a website of your favourite hosting company. That doesn’t sound right, does it? Fortunately, we don’t have to do this as this is handled by DNS servers. Take a look at our article…

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Darmowy hosting

Is free hosting a good idea?

Are you wondering whether free website hosting will be a good solution? Read this article. It’s possible we’ll talk you out of this insane idea.

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Certyfikat SSL

What is an SSL certificate and how to implement it?

When you think about an SSL certificate, you probably see a padlock and HTTPS protocol in the left side of your browser bar, which ensures the secure connection to a given domain. This is what the majority of regular Internet users know. Let’s go a step further and find out how an SSL certificate work,…

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Kto jest właścicielem domeny?

Who owns the domain?

How can you check who is the owner of the domain and when should you do that? Do you want to set up your own website that will promote your business online? Or do you wish to create another landing page or a back-end site that supports the positioning of your target website? Find out…

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Domena regionalna

What is a regional domain?

Do you think about registering a domain for your local business? A regional domain might be a good choice. Check what a regional domain is and who we recommend it for.

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