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Kamil Porembiński
Kamil Porembiński

Things your hosting won’t do for you

Many clients of hosting companies are mistakenly convinced that a hosting provider will solve their problems and take care of their crucial issues, while maintaining their website hosted on their servers. (Un)fortunately, that doesn’t work that way. What are the things your hosting won’t do for you? It won’t do the dishes, design a website, take out the trash or correct errors in your website code.

What are your hosting provider’s responsibilities?

In order to explore the subject properly, we should start by defining the specifics of the work and activities of hosting companies.

Hosting consists in providing clients with servers or server space. Hosting companies are not interested in the files stored by their clients on the servers provided. They just provide their clients with space, and that’s it.

This service could be compared to renting a hotel room. The owner or the manager of the hotel is not interested in what the guests do behind closed door after they have rented a given room and paid for it. Unless the guests’ behaviour is simply illegal. Anyway, the hotel will only express its interests in the guest’s behaviour only after it has received some worrying signs. Hosting is similar. Hosting providers are not concerned with the files the client stores on the provided storage space, unless the client’s files or behaviour isn’t compliant with the company’s policies or the applicable law.

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What does a hosting company do, if it doesn’t do anything, apparently?

A hosting company leases servers or hosting servers and offers various complementary services, such as registration of a domain or implementation of SSL certificates. A hosting provider can also provide additional services related to server administration.

All the services described above are additional. They are not a part of standard support activities of hosting companies.

You can’t expect a hosting provider to create and set up a website or an online store on a popular CMS, maintain this website and remove errors or correct its code.

These activities should be performed by specialists in these fields.

What can hosting support team assist you with?

A hosting support team, as the name suggests, will help you with problems, errors or failures related to hosting. The team will take care of the proper performance of your hosting or server.

Additionally, TheCamels support team (which is the best support team in the world – editor’s note) offers professional assistance with the installation of a CMS or other files on the server, administration of the shared storage space or email accounts.

Do you have a different problem or want to outsource activities that are beyond the scope of the hosting support team’s assistance? Get in touch! We cooperate with numerous specialists who can help you with:

  • creating an online store or a website;
  • website maintenance and optimisation;
  • creating content;
  • website positioning;
  • marketing.