Zakazane wtyczki

Prohibited and forbidden plugins for WordPress

If you already know how to choose a WordPress plug-in and what plugins to install, it’s time to get to know the banned and not recommended to install. Many of them may spoil your website, slow it down or are completely unnecessary.

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WordPress Wtyczki

Useful plugins for WordPress

Since we already know how to choose a plugin, maybe it is worth considering what are the recommended WordPress plug-ins? I’ll describe some of them, which I often meet in different projects. Remember that you should use the plugins with caution and not install them if they are unnecessary.

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Jak wybrać idealną wtyczkę do WordPressa?

How do I choose a WordPress plugin?

I’ve met this question many times – “How do you choose plugins?”, “On what basis do you choose plugins? Well, choosing a plug-in is often not an easy process, but there are a few things to pay attention to before choosing the one that should solve our problem – below are some tips on how…

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Jak chronić WordPressa?

Compendium: how to secure your WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs in the world. Depending on the statistics, it runs from several to even dozens millions of websites. The increasing popularity of WordPress in Poland translates into the growth of number of the associated attacks. Many of them can be prevented by securing the given website with simple steps.…

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What is the difference between the theme and the WordPress template?

Confusing a motif with a template is one of the most popular mistakes, even among people who have been using WordPress for years. It’s worth getting to know the difference, because both terms in WordPress mean something completely different, and the concept of a template is responsible for one of the most interesting functions of…

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Continuous Delivery

Need a website? 5 things to keep in mind

Creating websites is usually a complex process, which more than placing an order and waiting for a courier, resembles the process of sewing a “tailor-made” product. During project implementation, as well as after implementation, many unexpected costs may occur. I would like to draw your attention to 5 aspects that will help you avoid unnecessary…

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Spóźnia mi się email

Why am I late in the mail?

E-mail is probably one of the most popular communication media of today. Despite the large number of instant messengers or other ways of exchanging e-mail information, it still reigns. With its help we receive invoices, send notifications from systems or conduct project arrangements. However, when the mail arrives late, we start to pledge whether there…

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