Czy moja strona musi być dostępna?

Does the website have to be available at all times?

How many times have you heard that one of the biggest advantages of an online store is that it always works and sells when you sleep? It sounds too perfect to be so, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. High availability of services, despite everything, does not provide us with a service always working.…

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Wysoka dostępność

What is high availability of server or website?

Everyone who runs an online business should be familiar with this subject. And certainly he remembers it at the moment when his website or shop just doesn’t work. Then the business, colloquially speaking, lies and does not earn money. And yet breakdowns happen. Is it possible to avoid it somehow and how much can it…

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How did WP Super Cache update slow us down?

Everyone knows that software updates must be performed both on the server side and on the website itself. We have updated our WordPress plug-ins and the WordPress itself in the course of a routine review of our WordPress. Everything worked well, up to the alert from the monitoring system.

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DNS test

Which DNS provider is the fastest?

As we already know, DNS servers are essential to navigate the Internet. They play a very important role in communication and are an integral part of any Internet domain. So, by changing the DNS server, can we speed up the operation of our Internet?

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Migracja strony

How long does it take and how does the website migrate?

We offer free migration to our hosting service from time immemorial. On this occasion, the same questions are asked: how long will it take and how does the process look like? Although it is often quite a complicated process, I will try to explain it in a simple way.

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Does your website really need WordPress?

WordPress, due to its great popularity and a very complex ecosystem, has become the default choice when creating websites. Many companies creating websites base their work on WordPress, regardless of whether its use really makes sense.

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DNS propagation – what is it and how long does it take?

An indispensable element of the Internet is the DNS system. Most often we recall it when it does not work or gives us strange answers. One of such situations may be DNS Propagation. What is it and does it actually last 30 hours or maybe 24 hours? Or maybe longer?!

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Pierwsze kroki po instalacji WordPressa

First steps after installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is the beginning of a shorter or longer period of work on a new website. To get off to a good start, it’s worth doing a few steps to make your future website safer, more efficient, easier to position and free of popular bugs. Hide a page from others If you create a…

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Domeny internetowe

Compendium: What should you know about the Internet domain?

Without a website address, i.e. a domain name, nobody will visit your website. Maybe apart from magicians who know the IP address of the server on which it is located and know how to use it. Anyway, can you imagine visiting the Internet by typing a complicated sequence of numbers to see your favorite service?…

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