Jaką domenę wybrać?
Kamil Porembiński
Kamil Porembiński

Which domain should you choose?

Choosing a domain isn’t a piece of cake. Well, but let’s be honest – it’s not that hard either. The important thing is that before you choose the domain name and its extension, you should analyse your business and its needs as wells as the specifics of your target audience that will use your website. Take a look at how to choose a domain and not to feel sorry later.

Domain name – new or used?

Is it worth it yo choose a used domain? That depends.

You own a new domain for the very beginning and this way it’s a clean slate. It costs less, but you have to build a proper link profile from scratch, take care of positioning and create your domain visibility.

On the other hand, a used domain often has a long history. This type of domain and the website connected to it might provide a right link profile and high positions for some key phrases, which can significantly reduce the time and costs of your new website positioning. However, keep in mind a used domain might be more expensive and more difficult to handle.

That’s why before you decide on a domain and choose if you’re going to use a new or a used one, you should analyse the current market offer of the used domain you could purchase, your preferences, budget and a plan for further SEO and SEM activities. Don’t forget about your target audience, too! After all, they are the ones who will visit your website.

Which extensions should you choose?

Usually, popular domains offer .pl. extension, which makes the domain more credible and creates a sense of security. However, there has been higher diversification of domain extensions on our market for some time.

Business owners also like to choose premium domains with the following extensions: .pro, .it or .studio, which will distinguish their website from the competition and give the business a more sophisticated style.

If you want to operate abroad, it’s a good idea to choose a global domain, e.g. .com, .net or .org. On the other hand, if you wish to set up a website for a regional business, a news portal or store, a regional domain will be a good fit. You can choose e.g. lublin.pl, waw.pl od beskid.pl.

There are numerous possibilities, so think carefully about which domain and extension you want to use.

Which characters shouldn’t be used in a domain?

Do you wonder whether you with a hyphen or without one? Maybe you would like to include Polish diacritics or special characters in your domain? It’s best not to do that.

A domain should be simple, easy to read and remember. It should also be universal, long-lasting and unique (you don’t want to have problems with the law, do you?).

Summing up: your domain name shouldn’t include Polish diacritics, hyphens, underscores, periods and other special characters. The easier the name, the lower the risk that an online user will make a mistake and the greater the chance that your domain will be found online.

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