Jak wybrać domenę?

Which domain should you choose?

Choosing a domain isn’t a piece of cake. Well, but let’s be honest – it’s not that hard either. The important thing is that before you choose the domain name and its extension, you should analyse your business and its needs as wells as the specifics of your target audience that will use your website.…

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Hosting współdzielony

What is hosting?

Hosting this, hosting that. Around you just this hosting. And would anyone at all want to explain what website hosting is at all? No? Then let us explain it to you.

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Poczta email thecamels

How to create your own email?

Own, aesthetic e-mail with a company or brand name (also personal) is the key to a professional and reliable image. And as you probably know, the image is nowadays the foundation of the network. How to create an e-mail with your own ending? Well, there are several solutions.

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Serwer dedykowany

What is a dedicated server and who needs it?

Your store, site or project has grown so much that you are looking for a more efficient server that will give you as much freedom in administration and management as possible? Are you wondering between a VPS server and a dedicated one? Check what is a dedicated server, to whom it is recommended to host…

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Serwer VPS

What is a VPS and how to choose it? Is a VPS for you?

Are you hesitating between shared hosting and a dedicated server? You don’t quite know what a VPS server is, how it works and will this solution pay off for you? Then find out if a virtual private server will help you solve your problem.

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Sklep Internetowy

Everything you have to keep in mind when creating an online store

Many people who want to start their own online business consider an online store an ideal business model. At first sight, setting up and developing our own online store seems to be an easy and pleasant task. Everything you have to do is to simply watch several tutorials on YouTube, download free software, choose your…

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Certyfikat SSL dla WordPressa – poradnik

SSL certificate for WordPress – a guide

We have already written many times that WordPress is the most popular CMS system in the world; we have already mentioned many times that it should be properly secured to minimize the risk of a cyber attack. One of the fundamental safeguards of WordPress is an SSL certificate. Check how to enable SSL in WordPress…

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Information in relation to the coronavirus

Current events around the world have a real impact on the operation of our company and our partners, so we provide you with important information related to the operation of our services.

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Jak uniknąć zbędnych kosztów i problemów z usługami IT?

How to avoid unnecessary costs and problems with IT services?

People are comfortable and lazy by nature. If you run a small business, I have bad news for you – for the sake of your business, sometimes you’ll have to do a little more and take the time to take care of your company’s digital security. Unless you don’t have to worry about unnecessary costs,…

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