Privacy and cookie policy

If you read this text, it means that your privacy is important to you. And great, because for us too! We don’t just mean that we don’t read your mail and encrypt your backups, but much more. Please read the following legal provisions, which constitute the privacy and cookie policy.

In case of discrepancies between the language versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Polish version shall prevail.

General provisions

  1. The personal data is administered by Thecamels Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Łódź, Wróblewskiego 18, 93-578, registered in the District Court for Łódź, Commercial Division, under KRS number 0000910352, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator or Thecamels.
  2. These Terms and Conditions apply to this website and the services available on this website (, hereinafter referred to as the Website.
  3. Thecamels is the controller of your personal data relating to the data you provided voluntarily on the Website and the services provided through this Website.
  4. Your personal data are processed under the Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as the GDPR). 
  5. Thecamels declares that it has taken the necessary technical and organisational measures to secure personal data of its Clients in accordance with the applicable law.
  6. The Controller exercises due diligence in order to protect the interests of the data subjects.
  7. The Controller has not appointed a personal data officer.
  8. The Controller might be contacted at

Purpose and scope of processing

  1. The Website uses its own cookies for the following purposes:
    1. Provision of the ordered Services and customer service;
    2. Presentation of an offer or information;
    3. Handling inquiries sent through the form;
    4. Sending the newsletter;
    5. Conducting recommendation programme;
  2. The Website uses the following personal data of the Clients:
    1. we require the following data during the registration and creating an account: name, surname, email address, phone number, residence address; we also collect NIP (Tax Identification Number) and a name of the company when dealing with businesses;
    2. when a user makes a payment, we need name, surname or business name, residence address or the address of the registered office of the company, email address;
    3. when a user uses our services, we collect IP address, browser identification data, browser identification data and the type of the operating system;
  3. Profiling activities might be undertaken in relation to Clients in order to provide the best services under the concluded agreement and to provide direct marketing by the Controller.
  4. We process your personal data for the time necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the data were obtained and required by law (e.g. accounting provisions). We try to minimise the scope of processing right after the services have been provided (where possible).

Legal basis for processing and data sources

  1. The legal basis for personal data processing by the Website is:
    1. art. 6(1)a of the GDPR – consent of a data subject in the following cases: establishing contact or sending a newsletter, participation in the partnership programme; marketing of third party services;
    2. art. 6(1)b of the GDPR – taking actions necessary to conclude or perform an agreement for the services offered by the Website;
    3. art. 6(1)f of the GDPR – legitimate interest of the controller: presentation of an offer or information, marketing of the Website, dispute resolution.
  2. The Website collects information about users and their behaviour in the following way:
    1. when users fill out the registration form voluntarily or when they edit their data at;
    2. when users voluntarily send their data to or by other electronic means so that Thecamels can set up an account on behalf of the Client or in order to establish contact;
    3. when users’ data are transferred to one of the partners cooperating with Thecamels;

If the Client’s data have been collected from a partner cooperating with Thecamels, Thecamels will inform the Client about who obtained the data and what types of data were obtained.

Client’s rights

  1. The Client has the right to:
    1. see their personal data;
    2. modify their personal data;
    3. delete their personal data;
    4. object to the processing of their personal data;
    5. limit the processing of their personal data;
    6. transfer their personal data;
  2. In order to exercise these rights, the Client should:
    1. If they have an Account on the Website:
      1. Log in to their account;
      2. Client can exercise their right to see and modify their personal data by reading and editing the information in Moje dane (My data) tab;
      3. In other cases, please submit your request to the Customer Service;
    2. If the Client does not have an account on the Website, they might contact the company directly at
  3. Client’s objection to the processing of their personal data or a request to delete or limit the data might be impossible to carry out when the services are being provided or when it might affect the Services provided to the Client and if it might result in a situation when it is impossible to further perform these Services.
  4. Client has the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data at any time, if the consent constitutes the legal basis for the processing. However, the withdrawal of the consent will not affect the current processing.
  5. The requests will be considered without delay but not later than one month after its receipt. This period may be extended by two months due to the complex nature of the request or the number of the request received, and the Client will be informed about that fact.
  6. When submitting a request to exercise the right, please provide your full name, contact details (email address and your residence address when submitting a written request) and additional information (so that the request can be processed faster). In case of some request, further confirmation of your identity might be necessary.
  7. The Client can file a complaint about the actions of the Controller to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office at Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw, Poland.
  8. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary for using the Website.

Data transfer

  1. In order to provide the client with some services, Thecamels might transfer Client’s personal data to its Partners to complete the order (e.g. relevant domain register, certification centre).
  2. All entities to which Thecamels entrusts the personal data processing guarantee the use of appropriate measures to protect and secure personal data required by law.
  3. Client’s personal data are processed only in the countries within the European Economic Area or third countries only when the requirements of the GDPR are met. 
  4. The list of the recipients is available at under “Cooperating entities” section (Cooperating entities).


  1. Cookies are IT data (text files in particular), which are stored on the user’s end device and whose aim is to facilitate the use of the website.
  2. Thecamels uses two types of cookies:
    1. session cookies – these are temporary files stored on the user’s end device until the user logs out, leaves a website or exits the software (web browser);
    2. persistent cookies – they are stored on the user’s end device for a time specified in the cookies files parameters or until they are removed by the user;
  3. Cookies on
    1. can affect the functionality of this website (especially affiliate programme and comments); 
    2. are not required for the correct display of the website; 
    3. Facebook cookie is used to identify chat conversations available on the website;
  4. Cookies on are required because:
    1. they store information about the logged user; 
    2. they provide information about the affiliate program ID, they save the status, preferences and user session time; 
    3. they are used to identify the customer’s shopping cart;
  5. All Thecamels websites use Google Analytics cookies. They allow Thecamels to anonymously analyse user traffic in order to improve the websites. Thecamels is not responsible for the information stored in Google Analytics cookies (
  6. The Client might opt out of cookies by changing the settings of the browser, which, however, might negatively impact the features necessary for the proper functioning of the Thecamels websites.

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