Premium Domains

What is a premium domain?

A premium domain is a domain classified by the master registry for a given domain ending as having a higher value than other registered domains. Its construction is usually based on an extension belonging to the so-called new generic extensions (gTLD).

Rules for registration and renewal of premium domains

Premium domains, depending on the tip used, have separate registration and renewal rules. Their price is each time determined individually by the registrar. It happens that a premium domain can cost several thousand zlotys already on the first day of sale. Often, the registration amount is given in dollars and you have to calculate it yourself at the current rate.

The amount of renewal shall also be reassessed on a case-by-case basis. So if you buy a domain in the first year for the amount of X, you can pay the amount of Y for the next year. We are never sure how much we will actually pay for the domain at renewal.

Not every domain is a premium domain

Information about the status, whether the domain is a premium domain – we receive only after placing an order. Sometimes the registry provides such an option, after an appropriate query to its database.

It should also be remembered that not every generic domain is a premium domain. To a large extent it depends on the uniqueness of the name and the decision of the registry itself.

Individual examples of new gTLD domains

The above applies to all new gTLD domains, which include, among others:

and many more.

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