Privacy protection

Protecting the privacy of one’s own domain

With Domain Privacy Protection, you can easily hide information about who owns your web domain. This will protect you from spam, stealing your personal data from the WHOIS database.

When you register a global domain (e.g. .com, .net, .biz, .info or .org), your data is published in the WHOIS database. It is a publicly available collection of information about Internet domains and their subscribers. There you will find information about the first registration of the domain, the expiry date and the status of the domain, e.g. whether it is blocked, paid or expiring. This register also contains data of the domain’s subscriber (name, surname or company name, registered office address, telephone number or e‑mail address).

For Polish domains, the WHOIS database is available at and and its owner is the National Domain Registry, i.e. NASK, which is the national register of Internet names in the .pl domain.

Although your data is hidden in the WHOIS registries, you are still the owner of the domain. This way you gain full privacy protection while retaining full control over your Internet domain. Privacy protection works for individuals and companies.

Which domains are covered by privacy protection?

All Polish .pl and European .eu domains have hidden personal data for private persons. Individuals may indicate that they want their data to be public in WHOIS registers. Privacy protection does not apply to companies in this case and this data is always available.

The Privacy Service can be purchased for the following global domains: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .tv, .co, .name, .mobi, .me, .fm. The Domain Privacy Protection Service also applies to domains with Polish characters, e.g. łó

In addition, the New Global Domains (nTLDs) are also protected. They include, among others.

and many more.

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