Registry Lock Protection

What is .pl Registry Lock?

.pl Registry Lock service provides additional protection of the .pl domain against theft. It consists in blocking the possibility to modify many settings of the domain, which ensures its greater security. The domain is blocked in the main register of the .pl domain – NASK.

This service is addressed to individuals and companies that particularly care about the high level of security of their services. It reduces the risk of unauthorized changes in the domain, including domain theft.

Domain interception occurs when a cybercriminal gains unauthorized access to a domain. He can then manage the domain and modify elements of the domain which will affect the functioning of your website.

What’s blocking the .pl Registry Lock?

.pl Registry Lock blocks .pl domain name registry activities such as:

  • removal of the paid domain name
  • change of domain subscriber’s data
  • change of the domain subscriber
  • possibility of transferring the service to another recorder
  • possibility of changing the domain delegation
  • possibility of removing and changing the IP address of the name server created in the blocked domain – if it is present in its delegation.

The lock prevents you from doing the above, but you can order a photo at any time. Activation of the .pl Registry Lock does not affect the rights and obligations of the .pl domain name subscriber (e.g. you are still obliged to update your data, pay for the domain).

How do I buy and use .pl Registry Lock?

You can activate the service from the client panel. Information about the creation and photo of the .pl Registry Lock will be sent to your e‑mail address, stored in the main registry of the .pl domain.

Domain modification is blocked for an unlimited period of time, and the fee is charged only for the activation of this service. The blockade is free of charge.

DNS servers

Due to the specificity of systems responsible for registering and maintaining Internet domain names, activities such as removing name servers occurring in the domain delegation, adding IP to the name server in the domain delegation and its removal will be blocked only if, before activating .pl Registry Lock, you set the delegation of your domain to the name servers created in it.

If before activating the .pl Registry Lock you will establish a delegation of your domain to name servers created in another domain, you will have more freedom to change the delegation of your domain, but remember that in this case the .pl Registry Lock will not cover all the elements of the blockade.

Protection against domain deletion

The .pl Registry Lock service reduces the risk of accidental domain deletion, however, it does not apply if the domain is not paid for in the next billing period. In case of a legally valid court decision or violation of the regulations – the domain may be deleted.

Transfer protection

The service protects the domain against unauthorized transfer to another registrar.

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