Speed up your website with Cloudflare!
Kamil Porembiński
Kamil Porembiński

Speed up your website with Cloudflare!

We are pleased to announce that today we have become the official partner of Cloudflare. It is a service offered by CDN (Content Delivery Network) and DNS servers. A copy of the website files is stored on many servers around the world. This accelerates the loading time of our website by automatically optimizing the code of the website.

In addition, the user always connects to the Cloudflare server closest to him/her, and not where the website files are currently located. Thanks to this, clients visiting the website, e.g. from the USA, will be connected to servers, e.g. in Chicago, in order to get access to the website as quickly as possible.

Cloudflare network.

However, if you have a very well optimized website, it may turn out that when you include it in Cloudflare, it works a little slower than our optimizations. Remember, however, that by plugging in to Cloudflare service we get much more than just CDN.

Protection against DDoS attacks

The Cloudflare service provides protection against DDoS attacks. The user entering your website is initially checked and verified. The service can detect and block unwanted queries, such as web robots. It is also a great protection against possible intrusions to our website.

Protection against DDoS attacks

Always working page

As we mentioned at the beginning, Cloudflare stores a copy of our website on many servers around the world. This has one main plus – if something is temporarily wrong with hosting or server then the website will still work. The last known version of your website will be displayed to the user. However, some functions may not be available.

Always working page

Different DNS and IP servers

Cloudflare is spread all over the world. Thanks to that it has many DNS servers, and thus our domain will always be available. After connecting to the service you get the following DNS addresses: name.ns.cloudflare.com. Additionally, our server’s IP address is hidden and we get completely new.

SSL certificates

If you don’t like the free Let’s Encrypt or CAcert.org certificate, Cloudflare gives us the opportunity to use an SSL certificate. This allows our customers to connect using a fully encrypted HTTPS protocol. It is worth mentioning that Google’s search engine favours sites that are fully encrypted.

The basic version of Cloudflare is free of charge

The basic version of Cloudflare is available completely free of charge. We can easily turn it on by logging in to the server panel we have. In case of problems, our administrators will help you to configure the service.

Cloudflare cPanel

We receive it:

  • Limited protection against DDoS attacks
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Shared SSL certificates
  • 3 rules of the parties