Pages without SSL encryption will be marked as Unsecured

For several months now, Chrome developers have been trying to educate users that encrypted HTTPS connections are much safer for them. An important step in this respect was the introduction of the Unsecured designation in Chrome 62. It was displayed on pages with forms that did not have markings. It is worth remembering that all…

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Important WordPress update 4.9.4, which you must perform manually

Today, a new edition of WordPress 4.9.4 has been released. It contains very important fixes, including security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, an error in previous editions makes it impossible to upgrade automatically and it is necessary to force them manually. Automatic updates were introduced more than 4 years ago with WordPress 3.7.

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What is HTTP/2 and is it good to implement it?

The development of Internet access is very fast and an increasing number of users visit websites using mobile devices. New technologies appearing from day to day still work on the basis of very old solutions. One of them is HTTP protocol, which was invented over 20 years ago. And yet it is one of the…

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Let's Encrypt

Soon Wildcard certificates from Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt, which appeared on April 12, 2016 does not stop surprising. In 2017, the number of secured pages was increased from 46% to 67% (data from the Mozilla Foundation) for unique domains. In July of that year, the introduction of SSL wildcard certificates was announced. This feature was long awaited by all users. Yesterday,…

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Security SSL

Safer SSL settings on servers

SSL certificates have been a determinant of a properly configured hosting service for many years. Thanks to them we can be sure that the transmission between two computers is fully secure and impossible to decrypt. A few years ago we published an article: Secure SSL configuration on Apache server, where we described how to generate…

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Google Chrome

Google provides Chrome 62 browser

Google has released Chrome 62, an important release for users and those who create or own websites. In this version, new warning messages appear to warn about pages that do not have a secure HTTPS (SSL) connection, but still have forms to be filled in by the user.

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Superkomputer Tryton

How to edit a host file in Windows, using Hosts File Editor

Windows borrowed a lot of patterns from BSD systems during the implementation of the network. One of the most important modules of the operating system that supports addressing in computer networks is the hosts file. Its role is to translate friendly domain names into their numerical equivalents, i.e. IP addresses. Thanks to this it is…

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Why switch to PHP 7.1, 7.2?

We have always encouraged you to update your software. Very often it brings new features, better performance and bug fixing in previous versions. On January 19, 2017, PHP 5.6 lost the active support of its developers. This means that the language is no longer actively developed. At present, developers are introducing only critical security improvements.…

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Duplicity – quick and easy backup

Many server administrators have to face the problem of backing up their files when creating their architecture. This is a very important activity, because if something goes wrong, you can quickly restore your system to its pre-crash state with such files. The simplest tools for making basic backups are tar, gzip and lftp. The first…

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