Przyspieszamy z Cloudflare

Speed up your website with Cloudflare!

We are pleased to announce that today we have become the official partner of Cloudflare. It is a service offered by CDN (Content Delivery Network) and DNS servers. A copy of the website files is stored on many servers around the world. This accelerates the loading time of our website by automatically optimizing the code…

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Szok SSL

How to avoid a warning about a dangerous side in Chrome?

It’s not been known for a long time that Chrome’s browser will show warnings if you visit a website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Google has recently sent additional reminders to website developers to enable SSL encryption on their websites. How do you avoid this? We will show you how easy it is to…

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Blue-Green software deployment

One of the most important activities in working with IT systems is the release of code for production or software update. Not so long ago, new versions of the software were available on CDs released several times a year in the form of newsletters. With the advent of agile software development, cyclical releases appeared at…

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Case study: How to split two domains into separate G Suite accounts?

Recently we have been asked to split two domains that are on one G Suite account (formerly Google Apps). The aim was to separate one domain together with emails, files from disks, etc. into a separate account (separate billiards, administrator account, etc.). Google does not support such a process, so we were left with the…

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MultiTail – preview of system logs in many windows

Many Linux users know the Tail tool, which prints the number of last lines of text or stream. It is used as a diagnostic tool for checking changes in files. In today’s article we will present a much improved version of this tool – MultiTail.

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Simple and fast database backup thanks to Percona XtraBackup

Backup of a small database is not a problem. A few seconds of downtime in the application or at night is not a big problem for us. The difficulty arises when we really have a lot of records to archive. Such an example can be MySQL 5.5 database, which contains about 83 973 092 records,…

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Secure SSL configuration on Apache server

Generation of certificates SSL certificates for over 20 years have been the basic component of a properly configured website hosting service. A critical parameter determining the strength of SSL encryption is the length of the keys used. The longer it is, the more difficult it is to decrypt the transmission between two computers without a…

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What is the difference between InnoDB and MyISAM?

Which database engine to choose when creating a new database? This question is very often asked at the stage of designing a new application or system that will use MySQL database. There are usually two engines to choose from: MyISAM and InnoDB. The first engine is the default mechanism for storing data in older MySQL…

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