Important WordPress update 4.9.4, which you must perform manually

Today, a new edition of WordPress 4.9.4 has been released. It contains very important fixes, including security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, an error in previous editions makes it impossible to upgrade automatically and it is necessary to force them manually. Automatic updates were introduced more than 4 years ago with WordPress 3.7.

Unfortunately yesterdays 4.9.3 release contained a severe bug which was only discovered after release. The bug will cause WordPress to encounter an error when it attempts to update itself to WordPress 4.9.4, and will require an update to be performed through the WordPress dashboard or hosts update tools.

Further changes introduced by the new WordPress are corrections of errors in the personalization screen, widgets and visual editor. Compatibility with PHP 7.2 has also been improved.

How do I upgrade?

Log in to the WordPress management panel and then go to Cockpit → Updates. After logging in to Cockpit you should see information about the update.

WordPress Update
WordPress Update

Then just click Update to upload patches. Remember to have a backup of your website before updating.

WordPress Update
WordPress Update

Successful updates!